Sunday, September 14, 2014

Wrapping up 2014 Tri Season - Finger Lakes 2014

So, tri season is now over.  My first season as a Momma, a MIM (yeah, those kinda go togetehr!) was pretty awesome.  I didn't set any new PR's, but I cam awfully close a few times, and with a full time job, a full time kid, and some...ok...most....less than stellar sleeping night (hey, he rocks at everything else!) I couldn't be happier.  I placed in half of the tri's I entered, and landed in the top 10% of women for three quarters of them.  I think I would consider it a success.  It's now onto fall marathon training (more on that in a bit) but now, for one last recap of a 2014 tri.....Finger Lakes!

I've done this tri twice in the past, but not since 2007.  Kinda strange to think....last time I raced FL, I wasn't a mom, wasn't married, wasn't even engaged!  Wow.  Greg and I took a little trip down memory lane thinking about that.....we usually bypass this race because it's quite pricey, but with a wonderful family offer to babysit right in Canandaigua, we couldnt pass it up.  The course has changed quite a bit since we've done it, but it's basically an easy swim, a challenging bike, and a flas, fast run.  I had aspirations to hit a new PR (under 2:50) and was excited to race.

Pre race morning was a massive cluster you know what.  Greg almost forgot his helmet, I found a hole in my tire (god bless Towpath for hooking me up!) and I completely forgot to eat my breakfast in the midst of it, leading to a last minute swallow of some pb and bread.  (not optimal race nutrition!)  Since I wasn't familiar with the new course, I listened to the pre race a quarter mile run on a pebble path to T1 (awesome) and a new bike mount (more on that later).  Ah, well.  No use in getting in a snit about little things.

Swim (34:01, including .25 run to T1).  My swim sucked.  It felt good, but my sighting was truly awful.  The swim is set up in a long rectangle, and the whole time I felt like I was swimming alone.  Story of my life....faster than the average woman and slower than the good ones.  Could be worse :-P  My buddy with a garmin clocked the swim at 1.1 miles, and I was out of the water in 31:27 so with my complete lack of swim training, I felt ok about it.

Bike - 1:22, 18.2 avg. - Running out of T1, I realized that there was a 1000 yard bike the bike mount.  Why they did this, I have no idea.  But apparently it all counted toward your bike split (1000 yards out to bike, 1000 yards back from bike.  WTF.  This probably pissed me off more than it should, but running in bike shoes sucks.  Other than that, I don;t have much to say about the bike.  I leapfrogged with a bunch of men, saw 2 women (passed one, one passed me) and forgot how hilly Canandaigua was (and then remembered.  Again and Again :-P)  I wasn't happy with my bike, but I wasn't unhappy either.  There are a few great downhills but they all end in a sharp turn, which makes them pretty much a moot point.  The first 10 miles of the course were pretty much all uphill, then some give back afterwards.  All in all, I think I could have pushed harder, but I suppose that's a goal for next year.

Run - 53:22, 8:36 avg.  As I got out of T2, I heard the race announcer announce my husband coming in.  This was a great surprise - since I did the Olympic and he did the Sprint race, he started :55 minutes after me.  I had no idea what kind of race he was having, and with the different distances, it was truly kismet that we connected.  With that said, I had no issue being his rabbit, but I'll be damned if I was going to make catching me easy - I jetted out of T2 and onto the run.  The run is two loops and pretty flat.  I've been running without socks lately, and also without yanks (they make my feet go numb).  I felt pretty strong the whole run....two shoe unties (I tied them once, the second time I was .5 miles from the finish and said eff it.)  Greg nearly caught me (woot woot) and as I started lap 2 and he finished. the race announcer mistakenly thought he caught me, which gave me a laugh when I most needed it.  I played catch with a few guys on loop two, got pissed off at the number of people wearing headphones (seriously, wtf??) and passed 4 people in the last quarter mile stretch, which made me feel awesome.  No pics because we had no race photogs and honestly the official race pictures make me wanna kill myself :-P

Race time - 2:54:xx, 4th AG, 16th overall woman.

I felt pretty decent about it.  Bummed I didn't place, but 3rd place was over 2 minutes faster than me and I must have been in the speedy AG because I would have placed in any other group (yep, I'm obsessive).  Greg and I grabbed some grub, chatted up some friends, and chalked it up to a race we did our best in, a beautiful morning, and a success to 2014.  I can;t say I'll run this race again....a few things really turned me off to the execution, and spending 8 minutes in "transition" is just ridiculous, but now I know. Can't wait for some new races and fun in 2015!!

And's go time.  OBX 2014.  I smell a 3:xx in my future....and now I've made that public.  No excuses :-P

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Want "To Dos"

Hello there and happy "back to school time"!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend and enjoying the last bits of summer.  It's been warm, sunny and overall gorgeous here in NY and I was lucky enough to have a super long weekend.  Now that I'm back to the grindstone (September is a NUTS month for us at work and race and training wise) I thought I would relive my mini "stay cation" a bit.  I was lucky enough to have a bit of time off last week, and with that knowledge, I crammed a huge "to do" list together in the hopes that everything I never seem to get to could get...done.  In one day.  HAH.  I ran around like a crazy person for the first 6 hours of the day, then, after my run (cause one must run 17 miles on their day off, right?) I stopped for a sec.  And tore the list up.  And then....for a little glorious bit...with my husband and kiddo- this past weekend, we focused on our "Want to dos".

We napped.
We played with some old toys.  Rob helped put away some baby things, and we had some laughs as he tried to sit in his swing and play tummy time.  Greg pulled out his x box for the first time in forever.  And a real book.  Not a kindle book, not a work book.  Woohoo.
We had some delicious eats!  Ice cream.  Fudgies.  Homemade pasta.  A cookout with our family.  We made a mess.  And we just didn't care (Then mommy cleaned it up.  cause....I'm OCD like that :-P)
We went in the water!!  In the backyard, with our water table.  In the kiddie pool.  At Canandaigua Lake (where we lost-and then, phew! found Daddy's wedding ring).  It was a gorgeous summer weekend, begging for some beach time (and of course, open water swimming.  lol.  You know us too well).

The laundry is undone.  The floors still need steaming.  My coupons lay in a pile, uncut, and I'm pretty sure my facebook and twitter feed are prehistoric by now.  Meh, who cares?  Life is too short.  Sometimes you gotta toss that to do list and just pull out the wanna list :-)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Sodus Point Tri 2014 - Our 10 year anniversary!

Ugh, I know I know - I've heard about my blog slacking lately, but I have some time this week so hopefully I can redeem myself to everyone :-)  First up - Race report from Sodus....two weeks ago (hides under chair).  ***
Wow, 10 years??  You got that right.  10 years ago, Greg and I popped our tri Sodus Point sprint tri (.5 mile swim, 13 mile bike, 5k run).  We've done every race here since 2005 (they started in 2004, so we just missed the inaugural race) and with 225 race entrants each year...its pretty safe to say we are 2 of about 5 people who can claim this.  Yes, that excited me....I know, I know :-)  This race has seen me through some crazy life transitions (see what I did there?)....first tri ever with my new boyfriend....first tri as a married lady (still hold my sprint PR from that year!)  first tri as an Ironman (3 weeks post Placid, yowtch) and first tri as a mommy!  (5 weeks post partum....did I mention I am nuts?).  We adore this race.  It's close, the course is just tricky enough to have fun with, and we love to return each year remembering our first race (the year of the 3 foot waves.....I cant believe we ever came back!!)

My men :-)
On with it, Rae.  So this year, Greg was angling for some speed, and I was just trying to give it my all with an endurance and no speed base.  I've gotten lucky enough to place in my age group for the past 6 years, but since you can never tell who will show up for a tri, this was a hope and not a goal.  Pre race, we ate breakfast (applesauce n oats), drove down to the point, and set up our transition (which we can do in our sleep at this point!)  We played with Rob in the sand until Gramma and Uncle Alan got there to watch him, then hopped into the lake for a quick warm up.

Swim - 13:26, plus :50 run to TI (up the beach).  Lake Ontario is a fickle lake.  Our first year, we had 3 foot swells and they pulled 1/3 of the people out of the water (I survived by doggy paddling, yay!).  Other years, it is clear as glass...and 55 degrees.  Today we lucked out.  Other than a quick detour off course at buoy turn 2 and some pre race jostling (totally normal), the swim felt great.  After the Musselman debacle, I was so glad to have an easy swim!  I exited out of the water at 13 minutes n change, which is pretty good for a half mile swim for me!

T1-  Usually I don't report on this one. I pulled on my bike gear (which...Ive done at least 60 times in a reace, thankyouverymuch) I started to run out of transition and heard...."Rae Glaser, your helmet is on backwards...." over the PA.  Aww WTF.  Greg and I know these Rds super well, so of course he was gonna rib me on it...and tell me husband and everyone else in the vincinity when he came into T1.  I'm a moron....but it was pretty funny!  Just outta T1 I fixed it, and somewhat flustered, got on my bike and took of my clumsier bike starts for sure!!

Bike:  41:15 (19.0 mph).  I know this course like the back of my hand.  The start has some rollers and theres a few time it right let r rips, and I played them well.  I wasted a good minute at the start with my *&^%!# helmet, but overall the bike felt good.  I need to hammer the downhills a bit more and lean into aero more, and I think I can really go over 20 next year on this one.

POst race 2013...5 weeks old!
Run:  I headed out of T2 and into the run...saw kiddo and Uncle Alan playing and broke out into the biggest smile.  I might not be Meb fast, but I love the run the best and was looking forward to picking off a few female competitors.  I had no idea where I was in ranking, but knew if i could pull an 8 minute mile out of my hat, I might PR (spoiler alert- my math sucked.  I needed some 7 minute miles in there and they didnt happen :-))  I ended up leap frogging with one woman on the two looped course, passed a few other women, and felt good the whole time.  I dont have massive speed, but it seems as if 8:15 miles are the super comfy pace.  I can work on that.  I turned on the gas and sprinted into the fishin for a run time of 25:40 (8:18 pace).

Post race 2014....big boy!!!
Post race I snuggled my kiddo, grabbed some water and a few cookies, and caught up with friends.  My mom told me she only saw 4 women ahead of me before she turned her head for 4-5 minutes (can someone explain to her that thats a pretty big deal in a sprint lol) but she wasn't too far off- I came in 6th OA for women, 2nd in my AG (they only do overall women and 2nd OA came in at 1:13 and was in my AG).  My time was 1:23:xx and while it's no PR, its within 2 minutes of a PR and I'll take it!!  I grabbed my award, celebrated with Greg who DID set a new shiny PR of 1:22, and we hit the beach for some swimmies with Rob.  Perfect race, perfect day. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

In a pickle

Hey hey!!  Life update....short n sweet.....The new kitto-s are doing amazing (pics to come - they have a new cat castle and can jump 8 feet high, I swear!), Rob's learned the word "No" (ruh roh) and is doing pretty well except for a lil ole virus hats come to stay this week (aww) and Greg and I raced Sodus Point last weekend for the 10th year in a row (yikes!) Race report coming later this week. 

Today's post is short n simple....with the gorgeous NY weather this spring and summer, I've found myself with the wonderful produce problem....TOO MUCH!  I'm great with the fruit and most veggies- we freeze em, Rob eats 'em....oh right, he eats ALL of them.  Except one.  Cucumbers.  I don't know if it's a texture thing or a seed thing, but he's a little bit wary of them (seeing as the kid eats broccoli, beans and plain tofu, I feel that exploring the lack of love for this veggie is just not worth my time, ha).  But.  One can only eat so many salads.  Or tuna salads.  Or water infusions.  So....what to do with my bumper crop o cukes?  Duh, Rae...make pickles!!!

Day #1
So Easy Refrigerator Pickles

1 large cuke, sliced your way (I like spears)
1.5 cups water
1 cup vinegar
1 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp each dill, coriander, and garlic salt
5 cloves fresh garlic

Why I buy pickles, I don't know.  This was stupid easy.  Dice the cuke, add to a mason jar with a tight fitting lid.  Add in dill, coriander, and garlic salt, shake well.  In a medium sauce pan, add water, vinegar and sugar.  Bring to a boil and then remove from heat, let sit until cool.  Completely submerge the cukes and leave out to ferment for at least 3 days.  When fermented to your desire, place in the fridge, where they keep for up to a month (but....ours were gone 48 hours later.  And I got one pickle.  yeesh).  So what's a girl to do?  Start batches in shifts!!

Day #2
Batches 1 and 2, respectively
Super easy, super crunchy and deeelish!  (I think.  Hopefully I'll get some outta the next batch :-))  With a hint of sweet and just enough spice, these pickles are great on sandwiches, diced in salads, and straight outta the fridge munches.  Enjoy!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Cats outta the bag! knew we would

And we did.  Get a new addition.

Too soon?   I don't know.  I'm a cat person.  I love em and have room in my heart and home for a new fur baby.  He does not replace in any way the Summeroo, but the house is....too quiet.  And we are ready to love our new fur child.  I had the thought of going to rescue a non kitten at Lollypop (kittens go to good homes ASAP, cats, not always).  And dream kitteh happened.

Meet Meb. (Yes, as in Keflizhigi).  He is a 17 month old F5 generation Pure bread Bengal cat.  Love love love.  I have always wanted one of these babies, and the opportunity presented itself in a strange and wonderful way that I got my baby!  Handsome boy.....

 But.....what man can live alone (har). Mirinda (yes, Greg and I are obsessed.  I named Meb and he named Mirinda).  She is also an F5 purebred Bengal. Beauty times a million!

And clearly quite a ham!!  We got these babies over the weekend (Rinny is also 17 months) and are now in the process of learning all about Bengals - raw, grain free diet, characteristics including taking a bath....going for walks...and 8 feet jumps! And could not be happier.  The kitt-os are adjusting to their new home beautifully and are even tolerant of Rob (mostly Meb).  We have a full house and it's the way it should be :-)

Thursday, July 31, 2014

My Furever Friend.

Oh, this is so hard.  But so is life sometimes.  I posted a few days ago on facebook, but to those that don't do social media, here goes.  We had a really hard weekend at the Glaser family home last weekend.  My fur kiddo, Summer, my bestest buddy for 17 years, passed away.  She had been not doing amazingly well for the last few months, but up until the last evening was purring, snuggling and chowing away at her food.  I noticed something off last Friday evening....and 5 hours later she was gone.  5 hours of hugging, holding, and being there for my baby, just like she was there for me every day since...1996.  Wow.  I'm not amazing at Eulogies....but I think my Summer girl deserves a big shout out for being an awesome cat.

The year was 1996.  I was a gangly, nerdy 8th grader who just lost her fur buddy to a hit and run.  So off we went to the local humane society to rescue a cat.  I wanted a big ole tom.  But this little pastel calico caught my eye- she was so petite and pretty, that I had to check her out.  They put us together in the observation room (remember when they had big glass rooms?) and this cat...wanted nothing to do with me.  She zoomed through the room like an idiot, and jumped down whenever I tried to grab her.  I was about to give up, when she ran toward the wall with all her little might....and knocked herself out, hard core.  She sat on the ground, dazed...shook her head, looked at me...and jumped in my lap, purring.  The rest, folks, was history.

High School.  Prom.  Graduation.  College.  My first apartment. Meeting Greg.  Buying a house, getting married, getting pregnant, and bringing Rob home with me.  She's been there through it all.  She was the first one to know about Rob!  She flirted with my boyfriends (and any boy, really...right Drew and Jack?).  She purred with me through heartache, loneliness, and bad days.  She snuggled in my lap.  She slept curled next to me every night, and even warmed the bed during the day, under the covers, waiting for her Momma to come home.

She had amazing personality.  She "spoke" to us- chattering away when it was food time, cuddle time, and any ole time.  She pranced.  She danced.  She had no chin (true story).

She was my friend.  I loved her.  And I miss her so. so. very much.  I do know that she is in a much better place now - the last few months were rough on her.  She lived a long, healthy, beautiful life and I know that she loved us just as very much as we loved her.

It's so very strange- for the first time in my life, I don't have a cat.  We have some housekeeping to do - a basement to clean, a litter area to clean, and some soul cleaning, but I do know that there will be another ball of fur - or two! to love very soon.  But there will never be another "Summe-roo" to love in the way that we all loved her.  My girlfriend - you were the bestest kitty a fur mom could ask for.  I love you so very much baby girl.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Musselman 2014 - I guess we ARE in Kansas.

Hmmm.  Since it's 12 days post race, I suppose I won't put it off any longer.  Honestly...I don't want to write this report.  But in the spirit of race reports, full disclosure, and for the good ole learning experience, I will.  Onward.

Need more cowbell...
I posted a bit about this 70.3 this year - if you've been reading for any length of time (bless you) you know that aside from Sodus, this is our yearly race.  I've done the half Iron  in 2008, 2009, Greg did it in 2010 (I had Ironman a few weeks later), I did it in 2011, 2012-and took off last year (wonder why?).  Well, no matter what happens I always settle in a few minutes above or below 6:30 on this course.  It's way out of line with my other PR's and I know I can break 6, so that's what I set out to do when I signed up in February.  I figured a double marathon would give me a solid running base and I would work on my bike base post May.

Then life happened.  My swim training sucked due to work commitments and lack of focused training (I own that).  My bike training- well, I didn't have enough time for the 3 hour rides I needed to be focused about this one.  And I knew it.  I went into the race over trained for the run and under trained for the bike and swim.  I figured I could still pull a PR out of my hat (6:28 - like I said, this course is not my friend) and have a fun weekend.

Obviously since it took me almost two weeks to post it, I did not have the race I dreamed of.  The forecast called for severe Thunderstorms and rain all day - which is fine for the run, but hell on the bike and swim.  I left Rob and Greg snuggled in bed at 5am and made the trek to Geneva - pre race fuel was oats, applesauce and peanut butter toast.  When I got to transition at 6, there was a (not so) nice sprinkling going on.  Lame.  I set up my stuff, socialized (this is THE race weekend for the finger lakes) and hit the port o let.  I don't remember feeling much of anything, which is weird.  Usually I get nervous, excited, nothing.  I noticed the lake had a few white caps going, so I pulled on my wetsuit and hit the water to get a warm up in.

My wave started at 7:05, so I left the water, snagged a gel and waited for pre race announcements.  One of

the reasons I adore this race so much is that the RD rock- he always makes it a fun and enjoyable weekend.  However, I think they tragedy of last year's race (2 deaths, both on the bike) got to him - he seemed really off (thankfully, there was no such tragedy this year).  I don't blame him - if it was my race I am sure I would be a bit out of sorts the year after such a weekend, but it didn't seem the same.  Onto the swim....

Mussels were not the issue this year!
Swim-  (50:55) This was a hot mess.  I'm not the best, fastest swimmer of the pack, but 100% capable of a 40 minute swim for a half.  I'm steady and consistent.  HAH.  The fact is, Seneca Lake always sucks.  Even if it looks flat- its choppy.  The last half mile of the swim is in a canal, so you just suck it up, deal with the chop, and wait for the fast part.  But this sucked.  The tide was out or something an the first 100 yards where shin deep.  We walked and felt like idiots....then I wished it was all walking, lol.  When I hit the deep water, the waves were a good foot or two high and it was disgusting.  I tried every breathing pattern I could and it all sucked.  I think I drank half the lake, ad I'm not proud, but about 5 minutes in I had a panic attack and flipped on my back.  I got very claustrophobic and could not, for the life of me, put my head back in the water.  TDLR; I doggy paddled 75% of that swim. I hit the canal 1300 yards in at 36:xx and finished the last half mile in 14 minutes.  LAME.

Bike (3:29- 16.3 mph) - Transition was a slow go, mostly because they restructured and you had to run over cobblestones to get anywhere, all around transition.  Yuck.  I got my bike stuff together super quick and headed out, hoping I could out bike a bad swim.  (My slowest.  Ever.).  About 5 minutes into the bike we all stretched out for the ride and relished being on terra firma.  I found out they pulled a ton of people out of the water and felt much better about my crap swim.  Then, the winds started.  The first 15 miles of this course suck anyways - false flats for 99% of it.  But the strong headwinds made going 15 a chore.  Ugh.  I wont belabor the bike - I have no desire to relive it.  In a nutshell - driving rain, head winds, cross winds, 5 nice fast miles of tail winds....and everything else was crap.  My legs never hurt, I never felt tired physically, just unable to push beyond the wind and honestly being afraid of toppling over.  Wimp.  For the first time...I wished I was at home, and not out in this mess.  Which really bummed me out- I might not be the fastest triathlete out there, but I always have a good time.  Otherwise why would I train at 4am?  Food for thought for 180 minutes.  Onto the run.

When I run my feet do not touch the ground :-P
Run (2:08, according to my watch - 2:10 according to race- 9:40/mi) - Hands down the best part.  I think I could have pushed it a bit more, but this part  And right.  It rained, the hills were there, but hey, I rolled with it.  Rob and Greg came out to cheer me on at parts of the run course, and so did my mom, which was awesome (I think I need them on the bike next time, lol).  I joked, ran 95% of it, walked the hills, and felt great.  Came in teh chute at 6:36, yet again in the spread of my Musselman 10 minute zone.  lol

Post race I ate some, stretched, got my crap and headed out with the boys.  I got a giant cheeseburger and fries for dinner and called it a day.  Later we found out that the county next door had a tornado, which would explain the bike winds and swim waves!!  Post race feeling - honestly...  I felt let down - for the first time I didn't really have fun at this race, which pains me to write.  I think I need to find another 70.3, or lay off the longer tris for awhile.  I just dont have the time for the bike, to be honest.  Maybe in a year or two...or maybe Ill change my mind next month :-P

Up next is Sodus Sprint, then finger lakes Olympic (haven't done this course since 2007!) and the OBX marathon in November, which I am hoping to break 4 in.  We move on.  Sorry for the lame race report, but I always strive for honesty...Musselman did not float my boat this year.  Jry's out for next year- we'll see what it brings!